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2022-New Year, new website!

Updated: Jan 15

Tuesday, January 15th 2022

After reading the blogs I post you will learn about myself, children's dentistry and I will share my knowledge in pediatric dentistry.

About myself. I am the youngest of three, my brother, father and I are all name Marvin! I was born in Nicaragua and at three-years-old we fled Nicaragua in search of freedom an opportunity to succeed! Growing up in a family business I always dreamed of having my own business to provide the best customer service experience.

In March of 2021 I opened my own pediatric dentistry clinic in Miami. We are conveniently located a few minutes south of Brickell, west of Coral Gables, and north of Coconut Groove. Surrounding our wonderful clinic are traditional Miami neighborhoods of: Shenandoah, The Roads, and Silver Bluff Estates. Immediately east of us is the I-95 which gives access and connects Virginia Key, Key Biscayne, and we are 10 minutes from Miami Beach. We are specialize in children's dentistry and provide individual care for all the children that visit our clinic. We also introduce, reinforce and collaborate with parents on oral hygiene and food habits that lead to successful teeth developments.

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