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Why Children Need Laser Treatment in Pediatric Dentistry

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Why do children need laser treatment in pediatric dentistry?

Many parents wonder why their children may need laser treatment in pediatric dentistry?

Understanding why children need laser treatment in pediatric dentistry can help you make informed decisions about your child's oral health care. It's not just about fixing problems--it’s about managing care as pain free as possible and also preventing future problems.

Laser Treatment in Pediatric Dentistry

The Power of Laser Dentistry in Pediatric Care

Laser therapy in pediatric dentistry is simply a new and better way to treat common pediatric dental conditions. It is as a leading treatment tool in pediatric care, offering minimally invasive treatment options for various dental issues. This advanced technology has been designed to be kid-friendly, making it a great selection for little ones (or parents) who may be apprehensive about dental treatments.

What Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

Lasers treat a variety of different pediatric dental conditions including:

  • Cavity fillings

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Removing soft tissue folds

  • TMJ treatment

  • Tooth decay

  • Treating “gummy” smile (excessive gingival display)

  • Treating tongue / lip attachment (frenectomy)

Laser treatment can significantly reduce discomfort during the procedure and promote faster healing afterwards.

Faster Healing & Comfortable Procedures through Lasers: Incorporating this high-tech tools into our practice allows us to provide virtually painful experiences while ensuring optimal results. By minimizing physical contact with sensitive areas within a child's mouth using lasers instead of traditional tools, we make every visit enjoyable so that children look forward to maintaining good oral hygiene habits throughout their lives.

FDA-Approved Laser Therapy: A Step Towards Safer Dental Procedures

In addition to its numerous benefits over conventional methods like local anesthesia-based procedures, one cannot overlook the fact that laser therapy has received FDA approval - underscoring its safety profile even further.

Other benefits associated with laser dentistry include:

  • Faster healing and tissue regeneration

  • Preservation of more of the natural tooth

  • Reduced bleeding during and after treatment

  • Reduced need for anesthesia

  • Reduced need for stitches and sutures

  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections after procedures

Laser Treatment in Pediatric Dentistry

Treating Tongue Ties and Lip Ties (Frenectomy) with Lasers

A common challenge among children are conditions such as tongue ties and lip ties- restrictive bands of tissue that can impede movement in a child's mouth leading to feeding or speech difficulties.

Traditionally treated using surgical scissors or scalpels, a frenectomy procedure (frenectomía en bebes) typically uses today's state-of-the-art laser dentistry services to offer a more comfortable alternative that is quiet and free from vibrations. This therapy approach is much better for young patients who may feel anxiety about the dentist. Laser therapy works very well and effectively treats such conditions without causing undue stress to children--a big win for parents!

Additionally, post-procedure numbness commonly experienced after traditional methods is virtually non-existent following laser treatment and there's also minimal bleeding involved thus ensuring your little one has an overall better experience with their pediatric dentist.

A Positive Attitude Towards Oral Health Starts Young

At Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we believe that creating positive experiences at the dentist from an early age fosters healthy attitudes towards oral healthcare later on in life. That's where painless procedures come into play. Through technologies like lasers, we're able to make trips to the dentist for a dental problem something children and parents can feel at ease about.

Embracing advanced tools and techniques not only ensures physical well-being for your child but also takes into account the emotional aspect of the pediatric patient journey, where quality care doesn't equate to distress or discomfort.

Laser Treatment in Pediatric Dentistry

What Parent’s like about Laser Dentistry

  • Faster healing times: Faster healing and regeneration due to minimal bleeding and lowered risk of infection.

  • Fewer shots: So gentle and comfortable that, in many cases, no anesthesia is needed.

  • Greater precision: Pinpoint problem areas and remove only the decay while preserving healthy tooth structure

  • Less drilling: More precise when removing decay without the need for drills.


The benefits of laser therapy in pediatric dentistry are undeniable - fewer shots, less discomfort, quicker healing times, and greater precision in treatment. We also touched on how lasers can effectively treat conditions like tongue ties and lip ties, which can impact your child's oral health significantly. This advanced approach not only ensures optimal oral health outcomes, but also makes each visit to the dentist a more comfortable experience for your little ones.

Book an appointment today at Little Champions Pediatric Dentistry - because every child deserves champion-level care! Our services are designed with your family in mind – providing the highest quality care at affordable prices for families throughout South Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell and Pinecrest areas. Contact us today to learn more about how our pediatric dentists can help you keep smiles healthy!

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